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4 Reasons We Use HoneyBook in our Business

May 15, 2018

We haven’t shared much on here about running a creative business or how we do things behind the scenes. It’s one of those topics I’m often discussing with friends or other business owners, but I figured it might be time to go beyond one-on-one interactions and share some things on our blog with the hope that we can impact and support even more growing creative business owners and photographers in our industry.

I often get questions asking what business tools we use, how we run our client experience, and a slew of questions about film photography, so I’m going to start sharing helpful strategies, tips, and resources that have been game changers for us in our business. My hope is that this peek behind the curtain not only helps you thrive in your photography work but also empowers and encourages you to be more strategic, effective and profitable in your business so you can have more freedom and margin in your life!


4 Ways We Use HoneyBook in Our Photography Business | Jake and Heather Photography

HoneyBook is the perfect place to start. We converted to Honeybook last year and will never look back. HoneyBook is a powerful CRM tool that beautifully conveys our brand and the experience we deliver to our clients. Here are 4 things I love about HoneyBook!

  1. Centralized Everything. Project details like locations and times, communication with clients and planners, agreements, payments, questionnaires, event timelines, even a dedicated space for uploading files to a client’s project such as concepts or inspiration boards. I’m in Honeybook every day and it’s a huge help that everything I need is in one place!
  2. User Interface. It’s not just seamless for us on the backend, the interface is clean and user-friendly for our clients. I especially love this for the proposal and booking process. With one click our clients have everything they need to book including the proposal, payment schedule, and agreement so we can book projects while we’re off the clock enjoying life together!
  3. Templates. Templates for everything! Email responses, different contracts, packages and proposals, questionnaires, etc. No more typing the same email twice or copy and pasting. This saves me SO much time! Their team will even migrate all your existing content over to HoneyBook for free when you sign up. Which brings me to my last point…
  4. Support. HoneyBook has an amazing community and customer support system. Anytime I have a question I just pop in their chat box and they always respond quickly and joyfully!

The best part of all? I spend much less time in front of my computer and in my inbox because HoneyBook is connecting the dots and helping me take the absolute best care of our clients. Our client experience mostly runs on autopilot, and both our booking average and booking speed have increased since using Honeybook. It’s impressive, seamless, and enables us to clearly convey our brand, services, and value. Such major wins!

If you want to give Honeybook a try, you can sign up for a 14 day trial or as a gift from us take 50% off your first year here!


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