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Preserving Your Legacy in Print

Oct 27, 2015

Have you ever thought of your wedding images being for more than just you and your husband in the months following your wedding day? Have you thought of them being for your kids & your grandkids? Have you thought of them representing the beginning of your new family legacy that will be talked about and passed down for years to come? As a wedding photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than creating a perfectly composed, beautifully lit, emotional image the captures our clients perfectly… but why? Because those breathtaking images get to preserve the incredible story of love and legacy for our clients. 

Jake + Heather | North Carolina Wedding Photographers

It takes intentional effort and skill from our standpoint, it requires attention to detail, it means getting to know your subjects so you can effectively tell their story, but it’s not forgotten the year after the wedding. When you create images for a greater purpose, those images don’t change with the trends. They live on because they’re you. They live on walls, in books, in wallets, on phones, on refrigerators, on desks, on coffee tables, and in heirloom albums.

Investing in your wedding photographer is a lifetime investment in the preservation of your legacy through images. The reason we put emphasis on our print products is because we feel strongly about tangibly preserving your most treasured memories on your wedding day. We are so proud to offer our clients some of the most amazing print heirloom pieces on the market. Our linen bound albums and fine art prints are client favorites. You invest your precious time and money into your wedding day to make it the day of your dreams, so why wouldn’t you invest in something to preserve it? Printed, tangible images will forever carry your legacy through generations to come. To us, nothing is more valuable. 

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